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Putin: Those who organize provocations against Russia will regret the way they have been doing for so long

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an annual message to both houses of parliament on Wednesday that Russia finds a way to protect its interests if other countries refuse to enter into dialogue with it, while warning everyone not to cross the border.

Put it in He stressed that Moscow does not want to respond to the unfriendly steps of some countries and wants to maintain good relations with everyone, even with those who have not succeeded with them, to put it mildly recently. But, he said, if one considers Moscow’s good intentions a sign of weakness and proceeds to burn all bridges, one must know that Russia’s response will be disproportionate, swift and difficult.

He promised that Russia would defend its interests within the framework of international law. He resented the fact that, in his opinion, it became customary in some countries to play sports outside Russia for no reason.

Somewhere here and there, they cling to Prussia for no reason. And immediately around them, as around Sir Khan, are small rolls of tobacco

– Tell Rudyard The Jungle Book Referring to the tiger and the jackal in his novel Putin.

Just like Kipling. They roar to reassure their ruler

he added.

According to Russian press reports, Putin was supposed to target the Czech Republic, which blamed Russian military intelligence over the weekend for the munitions depot bombings on its soil seven years ago. The accident led to a serious diplomatic conflict between the two countries.

Those who organize provocations against Russia will deal with it the way they have not regretted it for a long time.

Threatened the Russian head of state.

I hope no one thinks about crossing the so-called red line with regard to Russia. We’ll specify where this will go in each specific case

Putin said.

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Siva Karakan Agency / Anadolu Agency / Anadolu Agency via the French News Agency

It was announced that the first regiment equipped with the Sarmat-class military missile system would enter service in 2024.

Putin complained that the collective West not only wanted to condemn, but also to be noticed Alexander Lukashenko The history of the preparations for the assassination of the President of Belarus and the coup in Minsk. He recalled that in 2014 Victor Yanukovych The then Ukrainian president was stripped of his power with a pistol and nearly killed.

One can take any position on the policy of the President of Belarus, Alexander Grigorievich Lukashenko, but organizing coups and planning assassinations against high-ranking officials is more than many. This has already crossed all limits

– Tell.

According to Putin, the coup was accompanied by a large-scale cyber attack on Belarus, with power cuts to Minsk. The Russian leader linked this to the West’s unwillingness to negotiate cybersecurity with Russia.

Putin devoted his speech mostly to social and economic issues. He considered increasing real income, restoring economic growth and fighting poverty among his main tasks.

He said the authorities would use economic means to keep food prices low. Single-parent families will receive 5,650 rubles for children from 8 to 16 years old, and pregnant women in need will receive 6,350 rubles per month (at the current exchange rate of the ruble is about 3.90 Ft). Families will receive 10,000 rubles per person for school-age children in mid-August. This year, sickness allowance for a sick child under the age of seven will be 100% of the salary.

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In tourism, the money-back program will be extended by 20 percent until the end of the year. This year, when the children are camping in the summer, half the cost of the trip will be reimbursed from the budget.

Putin announced debt service relief in the regions and the extension of the Moscow-Kazani high-speed rail line to Yekaterinburg within three years.

It was announced that from July 1, medical screening and examination programs for all ages in the healthcare field will be expanded. Over the next three years, an additional 5,000 ambulances will be delivered to the villages.

Russia will hold parliamentary elections on September 19.