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Putin went hockey instead of negotiating peace with Biden

The French presidential staff recorded the conversation between Putin and Macron, which took place on February 20 and is expected to be shown on France 2 TV on Thursday. On the other hand, the British Telegraph and the Daily Mail wrote an article about the content of the conversation before the show.

British newspapers wrote that Putin and Macron were quarreling and talking to each other all the time. Macron began the conversation by asking Putin about his intentions with Ukraine, which the Russian president said

See what happens too.

He added that he said that Ukraine had violated the Minsk agreements, that the Ukrainian government was working to acquire nuclear weapons, and that Zelensky was lying. Putin told the French president that he believed the separatists in eastern Ukraine should be taken into account, to which Macron responded honestly that

We don’t care what the separatists offer.

However, he added that he would ask Zelensky to try to calm everyone down, and suddenly warned Putin about it

Do not fall under any provocation in the coming hours and days.

At the end of the conversation, Macron said he believed Putin should meet with US President Joe Biden and discuss peace in Ukraine. Putin said:

Honestly, I’d rather go for ice hockey. I’m here in the gym now, and I’ll start warming up soon. But I will speak with my advisor at some point.

Macron thanked Putin for his time and added to speak later.

The next day, on February 21, the two leaders reconciled, and then on February 24, Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine.

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