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Putin’s party claims to have won two-thirds of the elections again

He said that according to preliminary results, the ruling “United Russia” party won 315 seats in Russia’s 450-seat lower house, maintaining its constitutional majority. Andrei TurksakSecretary of the General Council of the party on Monday in Moscow.

According to Turksak, his party won 120 seats on the list and 195 seats separately. A qualified majority requires 301 seats.

The Central Election Commission, which received 80.11 percent of the vote on national party lists, said United Russia had a lead of 49.42 percent. The Communists had 19.82 percent, the Liberal Democrats with 7.55 percent, Only Russia – Patriots – for Truth 7.37 percent, and the New People’s Party at 5.37 percent according to the party vote list. The threshold for entering parliament is five percent.

The CEC has not yet included votes cast online in Moscow and six other regions in these figures.

Hard-line critics of the Kremlin say a series of frauds overshadowed the vote. However, other experts say they have already “paved the way” for the ruling party to win the elections with confidence by refusing to register several seemingly potential opposition candidates, and the abuses now revealed are not systematic. three, Alexei Navalny An organization linked to a radical opposition politician was declared in Russia and banned in Russia in July, disenfranchising its dominant figures.

The Russian Interior Ministry said it had about 210,000 employees on duty during the elections. According to the information, the steps taken prevented “violating public order that would change the election results.”

Simultaneously with the federal legislature, the leaders of 12 regions have been elected over the past three days, and the fate of the states of 39 regional legislatures has also been decided. In addition, 4,474 referendums were held in 85 regions of the country.

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