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Quake has also been released for new consoles

The redesigned version is also made for all-new consoles, and this offers several benefits.

Id Software’s first full-featured 3D game has proven to be distinctly timeless, with a large percentage of young gamers as well as nostalgic users who have already experienced the creation. A redesigned and refurbished version of the original was recently re-released and has now received a custom version for the new consoles.

The new version became available earlier this month First major update, followed by a release dedicated to the current console generation, Sony PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The latter is now also available in steam sideThe good news for fans is that the package includes a DOS version, as well as versions called GLQuake, DarkPlaces, QuakeSpasm, and others. We can try out almost every title that can be linked to the original game, while until now, only copies for previous consoles were available, now we’ve also got the latest hardware-sharpened versions available automatically if Quake is already in our Steam collection.

It’s important to note that weapons and opponents have acquired new models and textures, and the game itself can be played in native 4K – even for the more modest Xbox Series S, with some upgrades usually at 1080p and 1440p, respectively. It can only be started. Users in this camp can take advantage of Play Anywhere support, which means that they can even start the game from their Windows PC with the correct Xbox, preserving the results achieved, while providing proper management of the PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers. Multiplayer mode is solved Online for up to 16 participants, the original in-game soundtrack also appears.

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The latest version is available for $10 on Steam above, Microsoft’s own online store, and Bethesda Deals.