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Queen Elizabeth changed her Marie Claire hairstyle

In the photos published by Windsor Castle, she features a new hairstyle II. Elizabeth, as we have become accustomed to in recent decades. Since she rarely changes her hairstyle, they are already guessing the significance the change may hold.

Although the 96-year-old ruler did not change the color of his snow-white hair, he visibly trimmed his sides and back. Because for decades we’ve only been able to see him with the same hairstyle II. Elizabeth Queen, so it’s no wonder fans of the British royal family immediately spotted the change on social media.

erzsebet-kiralyno-uj . hairstyle

“Love the Queen’s new hair!” One commenter wrote, while another added, “The Queen paints great! Your new summer hairstyle is simply perfect!”

II. Queen Elizabeth’s assistant, Angela Kelly, has also written that she had to take on the role of hairstylist alongside the Queen during the coronavirus outbreak. “As of March 2020, I’ve washed the Queen’s hair weekly, dried and straightened, and even cut it if I had to,” Kelly wrote in her book. “I was shivering the first two weeks, and I’m so excited.” I’ve only done Her Majesty’s hair a few times before when we were sailing on a royal yacht. The Queen was so kind, she even showed me how to use the curlers.”

erzsebet-kiralyno-uj . hairstyle

Another employee, who has worked for a long time with the British royal family, had previously chanted “A queen She likes to spray an entire bottle of hairspray on her hair to make sure her hairstyle stays put and doesn’t move under any circumstances.”

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source: Sixth page picture: Getty Images

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