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R. Speed ​​skating: All five Hungarian quarter-finals at 500

Nobody did anything wrong: the five Hungarians participating in the singles competition secured their place in the quarter-finals on Saturday at the Montreal World Championships in the shortest possible time.

Lius Shaoang competed for a chance (Photo: Hajdú-Bihari Diary / Melinda Czinege)

At five hundred metres, the men had to complete two corners on the first day of the Montreal World Championships – the Hungarians all advanced from qualifying, race winner Liu Chawang, and Pence Nogrady and Peter Gasapati in second.

During the preliminaries, Liu Shuang once again ran superbly, deserving the shortest Olympic and world champion, so there will be “of course” in the quarter-finals.

Like Pence Nogrady, who finished second in his race. Starting in fourth, Péter Jászapáti improved by one place, and although third did not advance in the first round, the young talent could still enter the quarter-finals on Saturday due to his time.

For the women, ‘only’ one lap was enough for someone to secure their place in the quarter-finals, and our two daughters succeeded, so Petra Gaszapati and Zofia Cunha can continue to be among the best.

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