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Rainbow Six: Siege – Supreme Presentation

This year marks the seventh year of Rainbow Six: Siege, its first season Satanic veil He is quickly approaching. What’s new includes a new level, a player that strengthens your lineup of defenders, and a few other features to improve your gaming experience.

The new operator is Azami, equipped with Kiba Barriers reminiscent of Kunai daggers: all you have to do is cut these devices to a surface to create a bulletproof wall in a matter of seconds, blocking the path of attackers and reconnaissance drones or providing cover for your comrades.

At the start of the season, Team Deathmatch will join the game as the final game mode, with mods to run Goyo’s flammable tanks, and with the new Attacker Repick feature, we can be more tactical in preparation as we change the carrier selection based on the connecting streak. Not immediately, but during the season, Ireland’s Emerald Plains track will be playable, the first new map since 2019.

Rainbow Six: Siege can be played on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as Xbox One and Series X/S. Demon Veil will launch on February 22nd on PC test servers.

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