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Razer Huntsman updated with new keys

Available in two designs, the V2 features second-generation Razer mechanical switches.

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Razer has updated the Huntsman keyboard series, which is very popular with eSporters (and of course the casual gamer), and we should look for a new generation under the name Huntsman V2 in the future. The company has developed two main points on the keyboard, one of which appeared for the first time in the Viper mouse 8K HyperPolling Introducing a second generation Razer mechanical key.


New, still Leila And red Optical switches are available in A . colours than before It operates much quieter, which the engineers achieved by incorporating a silicone sound-absorbing insert into the switch. Additionally, it’s important to highlight the presence of the dual-deck injection-molded PBT button caps that are ragged, resulting in a more consistent feel of pressure than previous caps, with fewer fingers sliding on it at high speed or in the midst of summer sweats.


Huntsman V2 fully customized version and TKLFor example, it will also be available without a digital panel. In the first case, in the upper right corner you will find four multimedia consoles and a multifunctional dial, which for obvious reasons were not suitable for the smaller model, but the palm rest covered in imitation leather was included in both editions.

The Razer Huntsman V2 is now available from the manufacturer’s web store, depending on the purple tactile switch version – in descending order of size – for $200 and $160, while the red linear switch models cost an additional $10.

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