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Real Madrid brought Real Madrid back against Seville

In the 32nd round of the Spanish Football League, its guest team, Seville, hosted Real Madrid. With Rakitic and Lamella free in the first flush, the Hungarians took advantage, but Rodrygo was stopped at the front of the second crash. Bach also played Nacho Fernandez and Benzema in extra time, as Real Madrid won at home in Seville.

Madrid’s guests will appear in this year’s Champions League, with Carlo Ancelotti’s side considered among the best in the Premier League. They are also in the league, and Karim Benzemak has only lost in one of the most recent matches. The host team was utterly undefeated in Sevilla’s last chrome tournament and only managed to win the final round of the league once.

Sevilla took the lead in the 21st minute: the host team managed to take a free kick from the 16th line. The ball was handed over by Ivan Rakitic from Croatia. And between the line of the fortress (in Militao) he took the lead for the team in a big way.

Ivan Rakitic rl a gljnakSource: Agence France-Presse / Christina Koekler

Mr. Rakitic 6 GLNL Jr. his run against Real Madrid. The audience annoyed the guests, and after a few minutes, Carlo Ancelotti’s team found themselves in the middle of the night: in the 25th minute, Acuna harassed Coron on the left, who was led by Lamela, who was in the middle of Courtois. The Argentine player hit the ball in the lower right corner of the goal.

Eric Lamela got the gltSource: Agence France-Presse / Christina Koekler

Real Madrid pushed the defense higher, But guests may get frustrated, Which would have caused a quarter-long BL marathon against Chelsea. In the 33rd minute, Bono kidnapped Seville goalkeeper Karim Benzema. On the first trip, Oliver Torres came to replace Papu James from Real Madrid with Camavingt Rodrygo.

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On the left, Real Madrid started more actively at the beginning of the second half, and in the 50th minute the visiting team took the initiative: Vinicius and Carvajal played brilliantly from the corner of the penalty area and then the ball passed to the center of Real, left by Rodrigo. In the 74th minute, Vinicius threw the ball into the net, one ball later, but the referee did not score the goal after the video.

Nacho Fernandez nnepli a gltFurres: Noor Photo AFP / Jose Breton / Noor Photo / Jose Breton

Real Madrid equalized in the 82nd minute: Carvajal, who improved from the second shot, rolled the ball in front of the sixteenth bell, Nacho Fernandez, who changed the right corner for the goal of Seville. In the 92nd minute, Rodima passed to the winning team for Madrid. Real Madrid won the Seville match and took a better place in the league.

La Liga, 32nd session