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Realme does a brutal 200W fast charging

Realme previously proudly announced that the world’s fastest smartphone charging technology will be unveiled at this year’s MWC, with the event taking place on February 28. There has been no talk of what exactly the technology includes, but the latest information suggests the brand can be built with a 200W solution.

The GizmoChina His team placed the photo between it showing the brand’s charger under Oppo, an adapter that has not yet appeared. Realme phones currently have a maximum charging speed of 65W and no faster adapter, although you may already hear behind the scenes working on 80 and 150W solutions.

There is currently no smartphone on offer from the brand that supports this 200W fast charging, but it is likely that such a device will be introduced soon. We’re glad to know how long it would take to fully recharge a phone like this in such a quick way.

Back to the adapter, charger A VCK8HACH Model number and a maximum output power of 200 watts, that is, 10 amps and 20 volts. The text shown here also states that the adapter supports the USB Power Delivery standard, which has a maximum limit of 45W. The interesting thing is that 120W chargers are already in the offerings of both Xiaomi and parent company Oppo, and the former showed what HyperCharge technology was able to achieve last year.

There are still charging options that charge a battery installed in your smartphone in as little as 30 minutes or even as little as 20 minutes. Meanwhile, big guns like Sony, Apple, or Samsung still use hour or even two-hour solutions to the same feat.

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source: PocketNow

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