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Rebel Wilson did a simple exercise

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The Australian actress revealed how she managed to lose weight dramatically after deciding it would be her health last year.

Rebel Wilson shed 35 pounds in a natural, easy-slap action manner. The 41-year-old actress is determined that last year will be a healthy year for her to change her life, including her own. He set out to change his lifestyle with determination. The result is clear to everyone.

Rebel Wilson tries to enjoy every moment of her new life, but at the same time she does not want to hide the secret of how she managed to get rid of extra pounds. The actress also revealed that she changed her lifestyle based on medical advice and started living a healthy life and also started walking on the prescription, which proved to be the best way to lose weight. “The doctor told me, Rebel, if you want to get rid of unwanted body fat, just walk,” Wilson said. – You don’t have to be very extreme, and you don’t even have to go up a mountain. Just walk an hour at a moderate intensity every day. If you can do it for yourself, for your body, that will be the most effective.”

Although it’s never too late to change and change, Rebel Wilson now wishes that moment would come at the age of 30 – rather than waiting until he’s 40. “Now I know I can do it. Sometimes I feel sad because I didn’t try it sooner,” Wilson said.

“Everyone can walk, drink more water and do a little more for themselves. The important thing is continuity and life will get better. It’s not too late,” the blonde actress emphasized.

Rebel Wilson embarked on a healthier lifestyle at an Australian health treatment where “detoxing was the goal in all sorts of crazy ways,” the actress said. Since then, Wilson has learned that a sensible, thoughtful lifestyle is worth a lot more with plenty of walking. Wilson suffered from stress and overeating, often eating junk food and refined carbohydrates during stressful times. He has also radically transformed this into his diet for the sake of his health. “I know when I was stressed out, I wasn’t very healthy. Until then, I knew deep in my soul,” he wrote on a community page next to a previous post. He also went to the other side of the horse, trying to offset overeating for weight loss through forced exercise.

However, he has since shown how successful his lifestyle change can be. She also painted Rebel Wilson stunningly in her gold New Year’s dress, as she did in the photos by the pool. “The Rebel is evolving,” he wrote along with the New Year’s vow, noting that not only the last year, but this year will be a year of health for him as well.

source: Mirror Photo: Instagram

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