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Recipe For Disaster will be released in early August


After a successful early access campaign, the restaurant management game is now available on PC.

6/22/2020 10:24 | Jax | Category: game

Its main track is developed by A recipe for disaster Full version in early August. In the restaurant management game, in addition to the usual development and prosperity, the real challenge will be to deal with the delicate situation, a dream can easily become a nightmare if we do not pay enough attention.

In the game preview we can get acquainted with a whole bunch of possible epidemics with really interesting recipes.

In Recipe For Disaster you can create unique dishes with some creativity, classic dishes will also be on the menu. We need to constantly assign tasks to all employees, but we must not overdo them, we must strike a good balance between efficiency and evisceration. All this while the most diverse guests come to us with their most diverse needs and of course every guest here is fond of. Potential pitfalls include lack of supplies, dirt, fire, rodent infestation, and clogged toilets, to name a few.

Recipe For Disaster will be released for PC only on August 5th. ■

A recipe for disaster

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