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Red Bull has made a bid for 100 Mercedes employees – F1VILÁG.HU

Mercedes Motorsports Director Toto Wolf betrayed about 100 of its members surrounded by Mail Ball, and 15 of them left the world champion’s stable to help energy drink manufacturers build a new Formula One engine division.

Red Bull recently confirmed that it has hired five Mercedes engine engineers to join Ben Hodgkinson, the former Mercedes man, who has also been acquired by Red Bull, with more announcements expected soon.

“Obviously if you want to build an engine plant in the UK, there is only one factory out there and they are us. We have 900 employees, or something like that. If 15 of them are obtained, then this is normalToto Wolf said about the transfers.

“But they mostly went to the production crew, so they’re not really responsible for the performance. I think they want to build the company. But the project is like climbing Mount Everest – and I want to fight the Red Bull engines.”

“I think they looked for 100 people and maybe they only got 15.”

Wolf did not deny it They would double the salaries of those around themHowever, according to the news, Red Bull offered them more.

“Double the pay is one thing,” said the team leader, “but if you give three times the amount, you are no longer competing at some point, not even for loyal people.”

“But it is. I respect everyone who wants to protect their business or want to build their company.” It is not time for revenge yet. ”

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