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Red Bull: Not only his age but Russell could give Hamilton a headache

British jockey was less than last year Red Bull Against his young giants, Max Verstappen, and Helmut Marko recently said he admits Hamilton has put in a great performance in 2021, but Given his age, he wouldn’t be able to maintain this level for long.

Austrian newspaper asked the Red Bull advisor about this again, and Marko confirmed his earlier opinion and even said he was his new teammate, the 37-year-old now seven-time world champion. George Russell may be in trouble.

“Looking at the performance hierarchy by age, that makes sense, doesn’t it?” Marco said when asked about his earlier statement and then commented on Russell.

“Russell certainly wouldn’t accept the role of second violinist, as Bottas did. He would fight for his position and put himself out there.”

Red Bull announced it last week, extending it until the end of 2028 Max Verstappen The decade that has an amazing amount of It can reach 40-50 million euros per season. Helmut Marko a few years ago Lewis Hamilton About his salary, he said that no competitor was worth that much money. Of course, the Austrian expert was also asked about this now.

“I don’t know what Hamilton is worth, but the world champion is clearly a different weight class. There are only two stars at the moment, and Max is the man of the future.”

Marco added that he also finds it easy to imagine Max Verstappen will end his Formula 1 career with them: “This is the longest contract we have ever signed. Max started with us in 2015, he simply belongs to Red Bull.”

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