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Red wine may age faster in space than on Earth

A new study shows that red wine stored in the International Space Station for more than a year tastes slightly different now than its terrestrial counterparts, and surprisingly, it has aged more than it has been here on Earth.

Researchers delivered 12 bottles of Bordeaux wine to the space station using the Northrop Grumman cargo ship Cygnus in November 2019.The goal was to study the effect of microgravity or weightlessness on wine in relation to age.

The wine remained in a rolling lab for 438 days and 19 hours in a rolling lab before returning to Earth in January aboard the SpaceX Dragon cargo ship.

Compared to a bottle of the same wine ripened on Earth for the same amount of time, the wine ripened on the International Space Station It might have evolved a year, two, or even three years longer than we’d expect from someone who stayed on EarthTell Reporters at a press conference, writer Jane, who took part in the taste test.

Gaume and colleagues hope that studying wine and other foods in space will not only be beneficial for future space crew missions but also help the world prepare for the impacts of climate change on agriculture, such as grapes.

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