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Register the second Zolnok coach, stop security in Falco!

Sentiments about the final of the men’s basketball team consisting of Zolnok and Falco are starting to surface.


Gábor Szarvas (Photo: János Kiss / Új Néplap)

Monday night Gábor Szarvas, Szolnok’s second trainer posted a call in a closed group on a social site. Among other things, he wrote that Hell had to wait for Falco on Wednesday, and that the 10th and 11th Szombathely players were afraid of the Drukkers, and they had already regretted that they had to return to Tiszaliget, and asked Szolnok fans that. Go as far as possible. Match, oil miner is not likable, but he wants to be a hero team.

Falco then indicated in a statement that they believed Dere was sending messages to the Druckers in a way not in line with the spirit of the sport, using an inflammatory tone that the club had denounced, violating many of the ethical and disciplinary rules established by the local association.

Residents of Szombathely also raised their voices against the appearances of the Szolnok crowd (especially verbal attacks against Hungarian players), and reported the atrocities to the relevant committees of the Federation.

In response to the events, the Szolnok oil miner distanced himself from the Szarvas’ appearance and initiated disciplinary actions against the second coach, stating that the content of the successful entry was inconsistent with the club’s spirit.

Of course, we called the hero in the case, but Szarvas did not want to make a statement, but betrayed a lot, after the final he told what happened.

Men’s Basketball NB I
Final match 5
Wednesday, May 26
Falco-Vulcano Energia KC Szombathely Oil Mine (TV: M4 Sport)
The case of the duel between the third success for one party: 2–2

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