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rejoice! The opening ceremony of the project was held in Budapest

The non-profit company HYCA of the limited liability service provider in Budapest and its partners, such as Alliance for Common Goals The Transylvania Society of Residents February 17-20. He co-organised the project’s inaugural event in Budapest, where 30 young people were able to share their experiences and views on healthcare.

rejoice! The aim of the project is to collect information from young people in health care about accessibility and expectations, thus helping to create youth-friendly health care in all three partner countries, with a greater focus on prevention and information.

Attended the opening of the four-day event Gergeli Mohai Mr. Head of Department Dr. Emmanuel Ladanion behalf of the Transylvania Society of Residents, Peter Gandora On behalf of the Association for Common Objectives and the employees of HYCA Nonprofit Kft. After the opening, acquaintance played the main role.

Photos: SZBC FB . page

The next day, participants worked in small groups to learn about health problems affecting Hungary, Transylvania and the highlands.

There was also a round table discussion in the afternoon where Little Marton Janus (Health Management Training Center), Drs. jelly jeola (Economist) , Istvan Kismadiya (DG National Hospital), Laszlo Murray (hook) ds. Matthew Matthew (Mick) They talked.

Several important keywords have been added at the end of the conversation such as mission, community, network, purposeful project, smart people, related problem, timing, presentation quality, self-confidence, knowledge, and value.

Today contained a number of curiosities that need extensive discussion. In this phase of the program, participants presented the collected health problems in a creative way with a minimal set of tools.

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Saturday began with processing the information collected. Problems are summarized and work begins to solve them.

The teams highlighted overcrowding, lack of prevention, low level of patient and professional education, and language difficulties as the top five health problems.

In the afternoon the following question was answered: What is the ideal health care for young people?

There were a lot of good ideas during the presentations that are worth addressing later.

At the end of the program, the organizers awarded the participants a diploma. The Highland team traveled home with a heavy heart but even more enthusiasm. Looking at the comments so far, we can say that young people would like to participate in similar projects in the future, which is an encouraging sign for the future, because if health is not an unimportant topic for them, then the expression of ideas and ideas does not seem impossible.

(Peter Gandora / Felvidé