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Relics can be restored in Monuments Flipper


Introduction The game is free to try in the demo version.

27/6/2020 19:35 | Jax | Category: game

In addition to many building and renovation games, slightly different pieces have appeared fin tracesrel, because we do not have to restore ordinary buildings, but the real effects in them. Our mission is to restore their former brilliance, using our expertise and wide range of tools.

In the short preview we can also see what missions we will be doing in the game.

At Monuments Flipper, restoration of buildings begins with planning, because in addition to restoring them, our goal is to preserve them further. In the meantime, we can learn a bit of history as well as the background of the architectural artifacts. We will rebuild collapsed walls and even repair frescoes, while of course our skills and toolkit will develop. We can check our accuracy based on the blueprints, and once the structural repair is done, only the equipment is left.

fin traces You can download his demo here, the full version will be displayed on your PC. ■

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