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Remedy Entertainment: Round number celebrates control; There will be a sequel as well

a control He can look forward to very good sales, and in the meantime, the Finnish studio is already working full force on the game to be released by Epic Games. There will also be a sequel to Jesse Faden’s story!

The Finnish team has half a year of funding in her report We can read about it Therapy entered into a publishing and joint development agreement with 505 GamesTo achieve a multiplayer game in the world of Control. This is not a large number, because approx. Everything and her mom also have a multiplayer version / game mode. If we read a little between the lines, we’ll also see a serious surprise from the Remedy pen.

The Finns added that an agreement had already been reached that a console game could be created with a larger budget in the future. This can be described in one word: continued. It couldn’t be completely different! By the way, Remedy was pleased to announce that he has a fair society, with whom he has already played more than ten million. The franchise’s growing audience and brand image are of great value, as the Finns simultaneously support Control, work on Condor, and plans are already being made to continue…

Remedy, who also created the first two parts of Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break, said a smaller project is already in the oven. It’s completely under development, so the work was finished before it could be developed. Meanwhile, they have an AAA game made by Epic Games, and there’s also Vanguard. It’s a free-to-play cooperative concept whose design is progressing at a good pace, with many indoor and outdoor game testing being done.

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So it can be said about Remedy Entertainment that the Finns hold several irons at the same time and combine exactly the right results. Of course, the idea of ​​Epic AAA is still questionable, but we do not exclude that it will in fact be a sequel to Alan Wake. Our other idea didn’t come up much…unless it’s a new IP.

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