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Rene Tolvay has been waiting for the ring for ten years “I’m so sure this moment will happen at some point”

The 30-year-old singer doesn’t feel ready to have a baby yet, but she waits for a long time to ask for a daughter.

The 30-year-old singer doesn’t feel ready to have a baby yet, but she waits for a long time to ask for a daughter.

While there are cute examples, the world of stars is not known for its long and uninterrupted relationships. Of course, the exception strengthens the rule, as does Rene Tulfay’s love and Andras Kali Saunders, which expired during the 2010 Megastar, and claim it hasn’t passed since then. The two musicians have been together for over a decade, but unlike most stars, they know almost nothing about their lives together. They don’t post, they don’t give interviews, they don’t show up together, and after all these years, they haven’t married, and they haven’t had a child. So the question that arises rightly: What’s wrong with not going from one to two? Perhaps there is a basis for the constantly circulating rumors around them that they no longer even form a party?

Well, the rumors were recently corrected by Renee himself, and he revealed in a video chat that they have excluded the audience from their private lives due to their careers. For a year after Megastar, they were invited just everywhere together, they were satisfied with it and wanted to be treated as separate artists.

– We felt that despite being a romantic couple, we did not want to be a “duet” and just co-exist in the profession. The only way we can stop this is by not giving anything away about our love. Of course, this led to a lot of nonsense and rumors that we weren’t really together … – The singer said his rottenness has gone away, speaking on YouTube.

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During the interview, Rennie also honestly talked about the fact that despite the fact that András still loves them ten years later, he doesn’t feel ready to have children at the age of thirty.

“If there was no fire, it wouldn’t make sense for us to be together.” We feel he is still there at first when he grabbed me and took it away. We live in complete love at home, but no baby project yet. I decided a very long time ago to think of the child around 35 years old. Until then, I want to live this professional dream that is still within me. I feel like we are not ready to have a baby yet.

The couple who don’t want a child yet © István Móricz

However, unlike starting a family, Rennie is not impatient anymore, and fell out of it during the interview that she had been waiting for her for so long …

Andras hasn’t asked for my hand yet, we’re still waiting for it … me I feel this moment will happen at some point, and I really trust itBut I don’t want any kind of pressure on him The singer added that she would like her partner to voluntarily ask her to marry.

Our paper was also looking at Renit Tolvai and András Kállay-Saunders, but they still thought their love was taboo, and they didn’t want to talk about it.