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Resident Evil 4 VR – Released October 21 exclusively for Oculus Quest 2

  • arrive to Resident Evil 4 VR . version
  • It will be released on October 21
  • For now Oculus Quest 2 will be exclusive

Starting in October, we can also experience the scary classic in VR, exclusively on Oculus Quest 2. The latest version of the most re-released game of all time (linked to SkyMill) on October 21 and it will be more than a simple VR port. The Resident Evil 4 Anno update of the survivor and horror genre. It included more precise controls and more actions, and eliminated the fixed camera view of the previous parts. The VR version of the legendary Capcom game will be the biggest novelty in the game yet. Most of them have been redesigned to better fit the new virtual first person perspective. All items will be available close to the body: you can access healing items by laying over your left shoulder, store ammo in the pouch on your left hip, find the knife in the front, and pull the weapons out of the case. Your right foot. You can now recharge in real time, which makes killing hordes of enemies even more difficult as you have to deal with your trembling hand first. While most of the game will now take place in the first person perspective, some operations, such as jumping through windows or climbing stairs, will take place in the third person. In addition, all how-to instructions will be visible on the screen of the virtual theater, which will further immerse yourself in fun without having to completely recreate all the featured scenes from the ground up. Oh, and you can also save a game stand on a fully interactive typewriter!

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