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Respawn responded to Titanfall hacking attacks

  • a fall of titan Members of his development team also talked about hacker attacks
  • He said they are constantly working on the problem, but the solution is far from easy

a fall of titan hacker attacks Calvary recently made headlines again with fans already desperateائس Apex Legends Surface broken Try to draw attention to the problem. Their frustration is understandable, but with their actions, unfortunately, they only achieved that developers had to work on their day off, Respawn’s Director of Communications reported.

Ryan K. Rigney, in response to an article condemning the hacker attack, said that he was practically summoned by his newborn nephew and his family for an unexpected attack, which he claimed was completely unfounded. Citing previous posts in the studio, he said they know the problem and have indicated time and time again that they are already working on it, but DDoS attacks are simply like a never-ending patch so fixing them isn’t an easy task either.

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