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Restrictions come in Google Meet

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Google made a video conferencing app called Google Meet available to everyone for free in April, which until then had only been used by business customers, including educational institutions and businesses.

So far, users of personal and free Gmail accounts have been able to start group chats without any time limit, but the great freedom is over: From three participants, chats can last up to one hour per call. May. The parties will also be notified at the 55th minute of the meeting that the call is about to end. This will not apply to two-way video calls, where free and subscription account holders talk for up to 24 hours at a time.

The procedure is mostly accommodated by free users who have multi-party conversations, for example family calls, on the interface, which can easily skip for more than an hour. On the other hand, it can end the infinite duration of online meetings for unpaid companies if you don’t switch to a paid package.

The company previously bling .t The change, originally introduced last September, but then the deadline has always been pushed back.

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