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Returnal will finally let you “save” on your PS5, but that won’t be your usual save option

The community already requested this feature when the game was released, and Housemarque added this along with the photo mode.

Returnal and with it the Housemarque garnered public acclaim. The roguelike and bullet-hell proposal, set in an alien and hostile environment, made the game one of the must-see titles on PS5, resulting in a “tremendous success” for the development studio. However, due to their long playing time, many players demanded a rescue system to stop and resume the “running” if necessary. Housemarque will release an update a few months after its launch that will implement this feature along with a new portrait mode.

News of the update can be read on the PlayStation Blog, which outlines the features about the so-called “pause cycle”: a system that allows players to save at one point in the game, turn off the console, and continue the adventure at any time. However, this creates a return point in the game that gets deleted once we reload and forces us to create another save point if we deem it necessary.

So we can say that Housemarque has finally managed to adapt to the needs of players, having previously admitted that this feature conflicts with some systems in the game. Accordingly, the developer warns that the “suspension cycle” cannot be used in boss fights, movie scenes, first-person sequences, or intense combat scenarios. From the studio’s point of view, “We thought certain moments in Returnal were best experienced in a piecemeal way to maintain planned challenge and fluency.”

After all this, players can enjoy the game more deeply with the new picture mode that also comes with the update. As we have seen in other games, the mechanics will allow us to capture even the fiercest battles or landscapes in the title through angle changes and photo filters: a feature that we can access immediately after the game is paused.

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Thus, Housemarque provides more reason to return to Returnal, making it easier for a large number of players who have not yet made it to the last adventure boss. And once we’re done with that tough title, keep in mind that Housemarque has plans beyond Returnal, as the company has confirmed it wants to make bigger games after its PlayStation acquisition.