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Revealed when Halo Infinite co-op enters beta

The most important details regarding the much-anticipated co-op beta test for Halo Infinite players have been revealed. Get ready for a good one-and-a-half week of testing!

343 Industries has released the first details of the beta test of the upcoming co-op mode for Halo Infinite. Accordingly, the players are from July 11 to 22. Between you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to play through campaign missions with others – those who have the game or Xbox Game Pass subscribers can sign up for the quiz.

An important detail is that the existing save cannot be used for testing, and we have to start a completely new campaign by downloading the test client – which unfortunately means we won’t be able to port our results to the final version. At the same time, during testing, we have access to the entire campaign in four-person co-op mode, and we can even try out the previously sorely missed option of restarting missions.

makers In related blog They also mentioned that their goal was to make the transition between solo campaign and co-op perfect in terms of progression. As part of this, all our achievements will be preserved no matter what game mode we’re in, and we can start on our own, then move on to co-op and back to single-player – everything stays the same.

They’ve also made sure to adapt the common game to the more late-user: the game marks tasks as completed only if everyone completes them, so everyone can move forward in the correct order.

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beta test You can apply here – In the case of Steam users, the limitation is that they have until July 5th to do so. The definitive version of the co-op is still promised for the second half of this year – unfortunately, there’s still no news for Forge.