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Riqui Puig continues with LA Galaxy –

Barcelona announced, on Thursday, that it had reached an agreement with the Los Angeles Galaxy team in the American League regarding the transfer of Riqui Puig. The club did not mention in its statement the exact amount that the midfielder changed teams, but it is important to note that according to the agreement, the Catalan team has the option to buy back, and they are also entitled to half of the transfer fee. of a possible sale to Puig in the future.

Puig has signed with his new club until the summer of 2025. The 22-year-old midfielder sets out on an adventure completely different from the majority of players of his era, but is passionate and enthusiastic. Although Ricky’s agency received several offers, as soon as Galaxy contacted them, it turned out that this is the best solution currently for the player, who will certainly get regular playing opportunities in America, which was impossible in Barcelona, ​​especially. With the arrival of summer.

Ricky has always been considered a great talent at Barcelona, ​​but somehow in recent years he has only had an episodic role with every coach (and after Koeman’s departure, hope faded again with the arrival of Xavi Hernandez) and when he came for a few minutes, in the vast majority of cases, He was not able to make a lasting effect, although the fact also includes the fact that without regular play it is clearly a much more difficult task. Puig was one of the players who did not travel to America for Barcelona’s pre-season, indicating that he is really unexpected in the future. Now you can try your luck in America.

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