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Ritvari: The government’s goal is to have all the desired children born

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Ritvari: The government’s goal is to have all the desired children born

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2021. November 12.

The government’s goal is to have all the children it wants, so in addition to financial support, the state also considers it important to help couples whose health problems are an obstacle to having children, at a press conference announcing its conference.

Pence Rettfari noted that many people believe they need more financial security to have children, which is why the government has created a comprehensive family support system. At the same time, he said, there are health rather than financial barriers.

The state considers providing assistance to these spouses also an important task. The politician added that this is why they support the project of the Catholic Charitable Service, which helps natural pregnancies, with 70 million forints annually.

These are methods that can be learned in other European countries or in the United States, he said. Through the Charity Service Project, spiritual and lifestyle methods that help infertile couples are also made available in Hungary.

Bishop Solt Marton of Vaak County, chair of the family committee of the Hungarian Catholic Episcopal Conference, said the charitable service has been coordinating the project since 2018, which is two-way: on the one hand, family planning and on the other hand, on medical assistance for infertile couples.

Norbert Vagda, director general of the Catholic Charitable Service, emphasized that the common goal is to bring Planned Children into the world. “We rush, we live a stressful life, we want everything right away,” but the unity of body, soul and human body cannot necessarily follow. This certainly applies to having children, he said, noting that it is a pressing issue in modern societies.

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As he said, with health awareness and the right professional background, a lot can be done to solve the problem.

“We need to provide the information” so stakeholders know: There is help. He said you can find out where to get help at

Norbert Vajda announced that a professional conference will be held at the Dialogue House in Budapest on Saturday.

They support the charitable project, said Agnes Cordas, president of the Hungarian Midwives Association. She noted that the transmission of information should start early, since maintaining reproductive health is a very complex matter: it depends on the lifestyle of the pregnant woman, but also on the state of health of the children.

He said the information would be passed on to young people and families through nurses.

Obstetrician and gynecologist, Balaz Balint, emphasized that having your period is not just an opportunity for fertility, but also an opportunity for a health-conscious lifestyle.

Szabolcs Várbíró, OB-GYN and endocrinologist, spoke about the need for realistic reproductive health planning and “adaptation to our normal functioning”.

According to the published press release, 61 doctors and 60 trainers have been trained in the project so far.