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Robert Bozser brutally put Exatlon Hungary on the ground, as ruthlessly speaking to László Palik

The critic spoke again, now focusing on one of TV2’s best productions, Exatlon Hungary.

The critic with a loud voice, who follows his words by tens of thousands every week, yesterday His position dealt with Vivian Vasvari Talk again and put one of TV2’s most watched shows, Exatlon Hungary, under severe stress. Róbert Puzsér is becoming more active in societal space and making increasingly strong criticisms.

For example, he recently addressed his luxury wife, Vivient Vasvári, as follows:

“The silicon-infused human status symbol is extremely angry …”

Robert Bozsier humiliated the brutality of Vivent Vasvari, which she was

Robert Posseer humiliated the brutality of Vivente Vasvari, which was “filled with silicon”

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But last week He also spoke to Majka and Krisztián Berki Puzsér, described them as interventions on the same culture, but at this point the critic did not stop, but added, among other things, the type of character they perform for the audience:

“Perky the unscrupulous criminal, Majoros, the unscrupulous detective, has no soul.”

Robert Posseer insulted Majka and Krisztián Berki on the floorRobert Posseer insulted Majka and Krisztián Berki on the floor

Robert Posseer insulted Majka and Krisztián Berki on the floor

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Now is the time for Puzsér to do a little bit about Exatlon, his competitors and László Palik, about whom he notes the following:

“This slapstick is surrounded by the hoarse voice of László Palik, who pretends to be the excitement of his life, and the dominating cheering and racing faces of the contestants.

The full criticism can be read in the newsletter Click here.

Meanwhile, Róbert Puzsér’s show was re-launched two weeks ago, Sznobjektív on ATV, in the premiere in which he collected the most ridiculous Hungarian TV shows in one list, the full program is available here:

Book cover: official Puzsér Róbert

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