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Robert Downey Jr. is the director of Iron Man 3 once again.

It seems true that the news that Robert Downey Jr will appear iron man 3The Durr, Durr, and Qiblaand the Ordinary men In his latest film, director Shane Black.

The usual couple puts on a character previously featured several times in the movie none other than Parker writer Donald Westlake. Parker is a professional thief, the protagonist of 24 out of 28 novels written under the pseudonym Westlake Richard Stark. The cunning and irreparable character of Westlake was formed by actors like Lee Marvin in 1967 game over In 1968 by Jim Brown questionable decisionIn Robert Duvall in 1973 companyIn, Mel Gibson 1999 rematchIn, or more recently, Jason Statham in 2013 Parkerat.

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He is also writing the film as a writer on Black, and Downey Jr. will star in the Amazon Studios production. empire.

Parker’s upcoming story is definitely a darker streak than Downey Jr’s latest work, but a reunion with Black looks promising in terms of their collaboration so far. We don’t have any information about the movie’s release yet.

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