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Robert Posseer insulted Magka and Chrisstian Berkey on the ground

Adversity again, because Robert Bozser went to Majka and Krisztián Berki without thanks.

We’ve read a lot in recent weeks about Peter Majorus and Chrisstian Berkey. The latter iscriminalThe case, prof Life begins with television And the Baby’s blessing Because of Majka It was in a shared photo Péter Szijjártó, and he also had a little scandal because RTL made him an offer, but the channel disputed that.

The scandal over Magca swells: RTL Club denies everything

The scandal over Magca swells: RTL Club denies everything

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Róbert Puzsér is known for his unshaven honesty and gritty communication, so of course he still betrayed his opinion about Majka and Krisztián Berki, but neither of them likely puts that in their pocket.

“Peter Majorus and Chrisstian Berkey refer to breaking the same culture. Obviously, Ózdi vamzer is more talented, intelligent, and humble than Protein shamans, but their unbridled bashing, compulsive ostentation and the fact that the audience is not seen as a goal but as a means for money, influence and important and great man is like deception. […] They both started their careers with a reality show, and since then have performed two original characters in public: the unscrupulous and soulful criminal Berkey, Majorus the unscrupulous detective and soulful. It should also be noted that once Peter Majorus finds himself in a sad situation, he acts the same way as Krisztián Berki. Burke tried to distract him from his criminal restrictions by carrying his girl, their bizarre travel and some charitable photos on Instagram, and Maioros, seeing the initial anger caused by his friendship with Peter Szegarto, soon began lying publicly about his cool show from RTL. Refused and left to lose much of the offered money.

– Robert Puzsér wrote in his article What It can be read here In its entirety.

Unsurprisingly, the critic spoke cruelly, humbling celebs for less, but interestingly enough, he found such a parallel between Majka and Krisztián Berki.

Róbert Puzsér’s article found its audience, many people shared their thoughts, and a real tsunami erupted in the commentary of the two famous people, who apparently had not yet responded to the writing depicting them in negative color.

Krisztián Berki drank one, then told him he just smoked!Krisztián Berki drank one, then told him he just smoked!

Krisztián Berki drank one, then told him he just smoked!

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Cover photo: Róbert Puzsér / RóbertPuzsér (screen capture)

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