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Rockstar celebrates Max Payne’s 3rd anniversary with a music album

Today Max Payne 3 celebrates its 10th anniversary, which Rockstar, the real estate developer, never wanted to forget. The wonderful history is remembered with a new album of unreleased songs.

After Rockstar grabbed the wand from Remedy, Max Payne launched 3 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 about ten years ago, on May 15, 2012. In the episode nine years after Max Payne fell, we met a former New York cop in Sao Paulo, but of course he left mountains behind him. The game sold nearly three million copies in the first three weeks after its release.

Rockstar won’t let the anniversary go unnoticed: as a celebration, it’s releasing a new music album later this year, which we’ll be looking at in Max Payne 3 – The Official Soundtrack (Anniversary Edition). It will also be available on Bakelite and streaming platforms, and will feature previously unreleased songs from Health, the band responsible for the soundtrack.

There has been a recent move around Max Payne’s house anyway, as it was revealed that Remedy will be reproducing the first two episodes.

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