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Roger Michel, Director of My Star . passed away

The director, who began his work in South Africa, was sixty-five years old.

He died on Wednesday Roger Michael MTI reported the British theater and film director after the family’s announcement.

Born in Pretoria, South Africa, the son of a British diplomat, he spent his childhood in Beirut, Damascus and Prague (a Prague Spring follower living here in 1968) and then moved to the island country, where he began writing smaller essays as a student at Clifton College in Bristol.

Towards the top, the writer’s first major success as an English-speaking student at Queen’s College, part of the University of Cambridge, was published in Raymond Chandler’s Journal. special dickHe achieved what was already played in London’s West End in the mid-1980s.

Michel, who became resident director of the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1985, spent six years with the prestigious company, then turned to films: he completed a three-month course for BBC theater directors and then exploded into the world of British cinema: Jane Austen He was born from his novel of the same title convincing arguments (1995) awarded him a BAFTA award, and in 1999 he was born My star is my partnerWhich made his name known all over the world.

In the 2000s, Hollywood has also become an increasingly prominent director Ben Affleck And samuel Also parade in 2002 with point of impact I turned in the path of excitement, and after four years Venus He also earned an Academy Award nomination for his comedy-drama.

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