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Roland Garros: Djokovic had a big fight again – Nadal is coming!

Novak Djokovic defeated Italy’s Matteo Berrettini in a light battle that lasted four and a half hours in the quarter-finals of the French International Tennis Championships (Roland Garros) that ends at midnight on Wednesday, to reach the men’s semi-finals, where the defending champion.

Novak Djokovic was hoping for a shorter match – he finally won in three and a half hours (Photo: AFP)


The first match began with Novak Djokovic sending, breaking the ball and neutralizing it with unacceptable members. Matteo Berrettini also gave a quick presentation of the power of the assist, but despite the equalizer and despite having a break ball in two other kids, Djokovic won the first match. The Serb was more flying and more efficient than his second serve – and he was the only one who could break كسر (63).

In the second match, Berrettini held his members’ strikes again, but in the fifth game – after two of his serve hits yielded nothing – Djokovic took matters into his own hands with a break and did not concede a single hit to his opponent after 3:2. The five-a-side battle seemed to The former prompted the Serb not to spend a single “unnecessary” minute on the field on Wednesday night – that plan came almost perfectly by the end of the second game. (6:2).

In Chapter Three, we had to wait longer than before, for the organ theft shortcut. In the first eighties, the parties did not even get a break ball, in the ninth the ice seemed to break, Berrettini destroyed his first serve three times, the Serb scored three points, but in vain, broke the ball, very, very struggling Italian, saved the boom.

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In the sequel, everyone served relatively smoothly again (Djokovic more smoothly), so the set ended in a nutshell, somewhat twisted tie-breaker: at 3-3, it was Perrettini who scored a point from the Serbian serve, then hit two opponents, And his opponent put the lead in their hands. But Djokovic “guided” his serve twice with easy errors, two balls fell into the net, and Berrettini actually took advantage of that. (6:7).

In short, Djokovic hit his thigh with a nasty move – would it have any significance in the ‘unscheduled’ fourth game against a kicked Berrettini? Well, in the beginning, the Serb served more aggressively, while his Italian opponent sometimes worked up the equaliser bravely – Djokovic even praised his point from the palm save line.

Under the leadership of the Serbian 3: 2, the match was suspended for a while – due to the state of the coronavirus epidemic in France, the ban on the curfew in Paris had to be vacated. After about a quarter of an hour, the dice were rolled, and Berrettini won with a stronger hit – one from a break ball – but won until 6:5. Then, on that exact twelfth boom, he spoiled more light balls than before, and though he fended off Two of the balls anyway (his opponent is angry, kicked the bulletin board), not the third anymore (7:5).

Djokovic won a battle that lasted 3 hours 32 minutes – his triumphant shots showed how much effort he put in – and he can prepare for the semi-final against Rafael Nadal.

Roland Garros, Paris (€ 3,4367.215, slag)

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One man, every three months
Djokovic (Serbian, 1) – Berrettini (Italian, 9) 6:3, 6:2, 6:7 (5-7), 7:5
Nadal (Spain, 3.) – Schwartzman (Argentine, 10.) 6:3, 4:6, 6:4, 6:0
They played on Tuesday
Zverev (German, 6) – Davidovich (Spanish) 6:4, 6:1, 6:1
Sebas (Greek, 5) – Medvedev (Russian, 2) 6:3, 7:6 (7-3), 7:5

Final match
Djokovic – Nadal
Zverev – Sibach
Both matches will be played on Friday.

one for a woman

They played on Wednesday
Szakkari (Greek, 17) – Swiatek (Polish, 8) 6:4, 6:4
Krijsikova (Czech) – Gough (American, 24) 7:6 (8-6), 6:3
They played on Tuesday

Zidansek (Slovenian) – Badusa (Spanish, 33) 7:5, 4:6, 8:6
Pavlyuchenko (Russian, 31) – Rybakina (Kazakhstan, 21) 6:7 ​​(2-7), 6:2, 9:7

Final match
Kryzhikova – Zachary
Pavlyusenkova Zidansek
Both matches will be played on Thursday.