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Roland Sly hit Freibur in the semi-finals in the 120th minute

After extra time in Freiburg, Roland Saly beat Bochum 2-1 in the German Cup quarter-final with the winning goal, putting him in the top four.

Roland Sallai advances to Freiburg (Image: Getty Images)

Stand with the three Hungarian players in the previous time zone RB Leipzig 4 to 0 output A Hanover (Read more here!), while Hamburg advanced in a somewhat chaotic match against second-tier Karlsruhe. The latter already led to 2-0, scored a goal and then became at a disadvantage to humans. After that, Hamburg missed a penalty kick, but in the 91st minute they managed to equalize, and in the end they were subjected to 3-2 penalties after extra time.

It might come later Sly Rolandra only as a swap Freiburg Quarter-finals A VFL Bochum against. Nils Petersen took the lead in the 51st minute, but the equalizer came within a few hours. After that, there are no more goals in the normal playing time, the extra time may come.

In the fifteen minutes that passed twice, neither team exaggerated the attack, they certainly went, but in the 120th minute a fatal error occurred on the part of the hosts, Sly Roland He shot the ball down and went into the dangers and decided the match. Thus, Freiburg reached the semi-finals of the German Cup. 1-2

Sly Roland Go see here!

German CupAnd the a fourth
Bochum-Freiburg 1-2 – ot
(Poulter 64. & Petersen 51., Sly 120.)

Hamburg (II.) – Karlsruhe (II.) 2-2
(Glatzel 52, 90+1, and Hayes 40, Hoffmann 50) – With penalties 2-3
Hannover (2nd) – RB Leipzig 0-4 (Nkoko 17., 22., Laimer 67., Ann Silva 73.)


Wednesday, March 2 – Flight Program

Cyprus, the Cyprus Cup
Eighth final, refund
AEL Limassol-Apollon 2-0 – after extension (2-1 in total, passed: AEL)
AEL Limassol: Balázs Megyeri play during the match.
PAEEK – AEK Larnaca 2–2 (total 3–3, pass: AEK)
Ek Larnaca: Adam Joerkes It was not there in the picture.

Croatia, Croatia Cup

Hajduk Split – Gorica 2-1
Hajduk: Jerji Lovernxx Watch the match from the bench.

Germany, German Cup
a fourth

Hannover (Second) – RB Leipzig 4-0
Leipzig: Peter Galaxy And the Willy Urban Played through the match Dominic Zuboszlai He was given fifteen minutes to replace him.
Bochum-Freiburg 1-2 – ot
Freiburg: Sly Roland In the 66th minute he was substituted, and in the 120th minute he scored the winning goal.

Italy, Siri B
Round 27

Monza – Parma 1-1
Parma: Balog Buttond Watch the match as a substitute.
Pisa – Crotone 3-1
Pisa: Big Adam He was replaced in the 66th minute.

Serbia, Premier League
round 25
Topolai SC – Radnik 0-0
TSC: Bocskay Bertalan Played through the game.