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Romania: The new Fed captain will be revealed on Saturday

Mihai Stoichita, professional manager, announced that he will be elected on Friday and will officially introduce the new captain of the Romanian Football Federation (FRF).

According to the Romanian press, László Bölöni will not be the new federal leader (Photo: Csaba Dömötör)

Although he did not name the names, the Romanian press clearly assumes that Eduardo Yordanescu will be the runner-up with the FRF leaders in person this week.

“We will decide who it will be on Friday and bring it up on Saturday, so we will come out of the situation that has caused a lot of controversy lately. The responsibility is big. We need a federal leader who can win matches because he will not have much time to prepare”- He made a statement to the sports news agency for Antena 1 TV Mihai Stoichita who, along with FRF President Razvan Burleanu, has negotiated with several candidates over the past two months.

According to Bucharest’s Gazeta Sporturilor, although the federation has already reached an agreement with Iordanescu, it has yet to notify László Bölöni, who is waiting in Târgu Mureş, of his decision.

The leaders of the Hungarian coach, who had been considered the most likely candidate for the position of captain for almost two weeks, did not like the date of the union, so they began negotiations with Ordanecu and Adrian Muto, who represented a more favorable solution than a. financial point of view.

The sports paper knows he plans to speak about the trial at a news conference in Boulogne He hasn’t spoken at all in the past two weeks, but only after the federal captain’s appointment process is over. The small bench of the Romanian national team is empty from November, when Merrill Radoi did not want to renew his contract, which expires at the end of the World Cup qualifiers that end in failure.

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