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Romania will also borrow from the European Recovery Fund

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Prime Minister Florin Seto announced Thursday that Romania will present its National Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRF) with a total amount of € 29.2 billion available to the European Recovery Fund, which the government will also present to the Bucharest Parliament.

Referring to the previous day’s talks in Brussels, the prime minister said he wants to use the recovery facility to implement reform efforts in Bucharest, primarily infrastructure development, and unlike other countries, not only use non-reimbursable aid but also soft loan facilities. .

According to another, it won the support of European partners after reassuring them that Romania would cut its budget deficit as it was originally planned. According to the prime minister, Romania will adhere to fiscal discipline and reduce the deficit to less than 3 percent of GDP by 2024.

Another promised that his government would not raise taxes or impose new taxes. According to him, due to the tax stability he (ex-Finance Minister) had guaranteed, tax discipline had improved in Romania. Incidentally, the prime minister hopes to curb tax fraud and increase budget revenue from digitizing the financial system, including online communication of cash registers with tax authorities.

The prime minister did not specify the planned amounts in the plan for each sector, but Romanian media covering the talks in Brussels believe the largest 27 percent (7.9 billion euros) of the cover will be used to develop infrastructure, highways and highways. Railroad construction. Health System 4, Local Government 2, Education 2 and the Energy Sector will receive € 1.2 billion.

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According to the prime minister, the main task of sector ministers in the next two weeks will be to lay down all the details of the plan, and to present Romania a plan that will be quickly adopted by Brussels.

In response to a reporter’s question, Sito acknowledged that he should also consult with the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) for a recovery fund. The PSD consistently criticized the center-right coalition government in Bucharest for failing to negotiate with the CHP with the opposition, despite reforms and loans via parliamentary terms. The head of the Public Security Directorate, Marcel Ciolaku, said Brussels had now given the Social Democrats the truth and “sent Sittute to Parliament with the plan.”

Earlier, the PSD assumed that it would not secure the votes required for a two-thirds majority to ratify the EU Resource Agreement unless the government held a parliamentary debate on the plan. In this way, the entire European Union fund could be compromised, as its creation requires increased contributions from member states, and therefore all member states must ratify the EU Council regulation on this matter. (MTI)