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Romanian company offers Romanian or European passport to Russians for 2 million forints

The business exploits a legal loophole.

Within a year, a Ukrainian company promised to naturalize it in Romania and thus obtain an EU passport to its customers in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus for only 5,300 euros (about 2 million forints). it He writesThat a company called International Expert, advertises itself as an international law firm, specializing exclusively in obtaining Romanian citizenship, which it advertises as “the easiest way to legalize Europe”.

According to Masol, the company is exploiting a loophole in Roman law.

We quote the portal:

Under Roman law, Romanian citizenship could be “restored” to anyone whose parents or grandparents had lost their Romanian citizenship through no fault of their own. The law clearly and resolutely aims to facilitate the naturalization of the descendants of Romanians living in Greater Romania between the two world wars and then under Ukrainian and Moldovan rule…so that Moldovan Romanians can become members of the European family as quickly as possible, not only morally but also legally. Thanks to the amendment, the international expert can promise Romanian citizenship “within 12 months” and “without language skills” to anyone willing to pay the required fee … The representative of the company’s office in Bucharest confirmed: ancestors. The company takes advantage of the fact that, as its website confirms, contemporary Ukrainian archives have been destroyed.

A spokesperson for the international expert said: “At that time, all documents were paper and lost. We use official provisions to replace documents. We can provide these documents and they will be official documents. Through these documents we can help you obtain Romanian citizenship … You do not have to For the applicant to learn the Romanian language, it is enough to include the citizen section, that is, twenty words, but it has been around for about a year, so it is not complicated. ”

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