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Romania’s prime minister has been silent about his drunk driving for 21 years

At a press conference, Florin Sito announced that he does not intend to resign. The Liberal Prime Minister of the center-right coalition government in Bucharest revealed on Wednesday that he had been given a heavy sentence in the United States for drunk driving in the United States 21 years ago, with two days in prison and a $1,000 fine.

Florin Seto


And another Saturday, she announced a press conference on another topic at noon, where she brought up the topic of driving herself drunk. Briefly answering questions, he said it was a mistake he regretted and hesitated to remember, but since he had a criminal record in Romania, he felt that the case had nothing to do with his assumption of office. The Romanian legal system is different from the American system, and so it was believed that the act for which he was convicted in the United States was not a crime in Romania, but a violation.

Another wants to go through with the reforms he started, and his “unfortunate stumble” over twenty years ago, which he thinks is insignificant. The Romanian Prime Minister was arrested in 2000 under the influence of drunk driving in Iowa. According to the court record in the case at the time, Citu drank a liter of concentrate or five bottles of wine before sitting in the car. This would already be a crime in Romania.

Romania cannot be a politician with a criminal record, so the PSD called on President Klaus Iohannis to impeach the prime minister.
Klaus Iohannis hasn’t talked about this yet. (MTI)

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