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Rosa Magdy, who is pregnant with triplets, told her when she will be back on stage

This year, Magdy Roza received the Petofy Award for Music for the third time in the Female Performer of the Year category. Students of Radio Petofi receive their songs with great interest year after year, which is why fans were able to hear the title song of the singer’s last album for the first time on the wavelength of Radio Petofy. In connection with the premiere, the popular singer gave an interview on the morning program Talpra Magyar, who told not only about the disc called Karma, but also about her pregnancy, and also revealed her plans to return to the stage.

She’s only been on vacation for a few days, but sometimes Magi Rúzsa gets bored, and it turned out a few weeks ago that she was pregnant with twins. The singer gave an interview on the morning program of Petőfi Radio, Talpra in Hungarian, where His new song Karma was first introduced to the public over the air.

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“And I believe in fate. While recording the new record, I noticed that the theme of fate and the constant cycle featured in the theme of several songs. This disc claimed the Karma moniker for itself. A new, modern and vibrant album was born. Although I have a strong lyrical side, I enjoy Really bringing more lively songs to audiences these days,” Magdy Rosa said of the song premiere of Radio Petofi, who also asked Leventi Harsany how she was preparing for her next big assignment as motherhood.

“The concert will start again next summer at the earliest, and now I don’t dare stand on stage anymore. There are female singers who give a big belly even in the seventh and eighth months of pregnancy, but since there are three in my case, I need to be extra careful. I’m kind of ready. I’ve been trying to plan how to solve this problem, and I’ve been getting help since then Next summer the concert season will start again, and I would like to actively participate in it. But I’m not worried, we will cooperate together, we will work it out. Talpra’s award-winning singer Máté Péter, whose songs Petőfi Radio students can often listen to – so the audience can see them again on stage – responded in the musical.

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