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Royal PAM makes German construction subsidiary available

The parent company justifies separation from activities with a new strategic orientation. In the future, the Group intends to focus on key markets in the Netherlands, Ireland and the United Kingdom. For this reason, “full integration into the PAM Group is no longer planned for the local branch,” it said in a message to Immophile Jeetung. PAM has not ruled out the German offshore sale, which has been part of the group since 2007 and employs nearly 900 people.

According to its own information, PAM Germany oversees about 30 projects in Germany, including the Jalandho headquarters in Berlin, the recently completed Edge Grand Central office building, the capital and the Wild Park Stadium in Karlsruhe. The projects were unaffected by potential sales due to existing contracts. The company insists that operational work must continue in other ways: “Business activity remains unchanged.”

The two grandchildren are already gone

Royal PAM has already surpassed the two companies that PAM has partnered with Germany: since April 1, PAM Facility Services have been transferred to Strobok PFS for an unpublished purchase price, thereby encircling their customer and service portfolio, especially in Bavaria. BAM FS, based in Holbergmose near Munich, previously focused on the region. Focuses on designating, servicing and maintaining technical building systems for commercial and residential properties. Along with the services, Strobok PFS also hired 40 employees of BAM FS. By 2020 they had generated sales of around மில்லியன் 4 million.

At the end of March, PAM announced the launch of the Swiss city based on health characteristics. It acts as a general contractor for the construction and operation of clinics and research buildings. Along with the future new owner, the company is currently developing several properties in Basel and Zurich. These activities should continue in the name of Implinia, and this could be extended to Germany. According to Impliana, the acquisition should be completed by the end of May.

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