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Royole introduced a new display technology

With micro-LEDs integrated into flexible circuits, the display can not only be bent, but shaped as well.

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a Royole New research findings were presented at the Display Week symposium, showcasing the world’s first scalable display technology based on small and mass-produced LED lights. The extendable display screens are not only foldable and foldable, but also capable of three-dimensional forming, including tightening, wrapping, concave deformation and folding three-dimensional can greatly increase the screen surface in compact form.

Royole’s LED Micro-LED display technology is capable of 130% surface area with convex curvature up to 40 ° while reaching a resolution of 120 pixels / inch (PPI). Micro-LED technology also allows light transmission of up to 70 percent, which is much higher than current flexible OLED technologies, making it well-suited to smart solutions that require transparency, such as a car windshield or sunglasses. To illustrate this technology, a 2.7-inch panel was made with a resolution of 96 x 60 pixels.


Small LED lights are inherently smaller than traditional organic bulbs Light-emitting diodes, so there is more space available between each light source, providing greater formability and light transmission. Royole sees the technology being able to integrate into the existing bending plate manufacturing process so that it can be put into operation soon enough.

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