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Rudolf Castori was awarded the Janos Arani Medal

The Arany János Medal is used to honor Hungarian scholars and researchers abroad who have gained outstanding merit in advancing the cause of Hungarian science and society. Rudolf Castori in this event highlighted: he has conducted research for nearly 60 years, during this time he has had about 200 collaborators from various fields of science.

Academic Dr. Rudolf Castori:

The John’s Gold Medal is basically an acknowledgment not only of my work, but also of the many researchers I’ve worked with for years. In my opinion, it is a great privilege to do science and research. Especially for those who love her and see that she is his goal in life.

Rudolf Kastori received the award for his work in research on the physiology and agrochemistry of mineral nutrition of the main field crops grown in the Pannonia region, and for his active participation in the dissemination of scientific and professional knowledge of the Hungarian language in Vojvodina.

Dr. Erzibet Chanyi, President of the Hungarian Academic Council Vojvodina:

Rudolf Kasturi, the only representative of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Vojvodina, is our Academy, and in fact it is very important that he not only facilitated his individual scientific career, but also took a very active part in the work of almost all scientific NGOs here in Vojvodina.

Rudolf Castori is the author and co-author of numerous popular scientific papers, volumes, chapters, and articles. His books have been published in Hungarian, German, English, Russian and Serbian languages.