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Russia allowed the production of cars without airbags and ABS

Russia allowed the production of simplified models of Euro 0 cars, as well as cars without airbags, anti-lock brakes (ABS), dynamic stabilization (ESP) and other life-saving systems not available due to sanctions. The decree on this was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Misustin and will remain in effect until February 1, 2023.

Soviet and oriental cars at a German dealership.

Photo: Sebastian Wilno/dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP

Pyotr Skumatov, coordinator of the Blue Vetters Society movement, believes that it is likely that car owners will purchase airbags themselves, since all cars made in Russia are equipped with two airbags.

Another problem is that the environmental standard from 0 to 5 is already in force in Russia. Sergey Aslanyan is a car expert To the Russian insider He said that the Euro 0 rating meant carburetor cars, but there were no more carburetor plants, and the Dimitrovgrad Automobile Plant was also closed, supplying carburetors to Zsiguli, Moscow and Volga. According to him, such simplified models are worthy of a horse-drawn carriage. “It may look modern from the outside, but (…) we will see what happens under the hood. It will not have life-saving systems. (…) Things like ABS and ESP are very important and not mandatory in many countries,” Aslanian said.

Consumers will not be able to upgrade their cars to at least Euro 2, either, because it requires a negative catalyst and can not be found anywhere, because it is also not made in Russia.

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