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Russia-Ukraine crisis: British Foreign Secretary visits Eastern Europe

A spokesman for the British Foreign Office said the visit was aimed at expressing united support for Ukrainian sovereignty, while warning the Kremlin that Russia’s choice of occupation would have serious economic consequences.

According to the ministry, during his visit, Lis Truss will invite Russia to abide by the Helsinki Final Law, the Minsk Accords and the international conferences he has signed, including the steps taken by Russia, Britain and the United States to guarantee Ukraine. Security and territorial integrity for the signed Budapest Memorandum.

The British Foreign Secretary will also address a rally in Kiev, according to the London Foreign Office. Sovereignty of other nations. , In accordance with their obligations.

The British government has been taking very strong diplomatic action in the region in recent weeks in connection with the crisis in Ukraine. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has had two telephone conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin since December, visited Ukraine in early February, and Defense Minister Ben Wallace also met in Budapest and Slovenia and Croatia in the first half of this month. Wallace and Liz Truss both visited Moscow for a day break last week.

Ben Wallace spoke with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Choiku last Friday, and said after the meeting that both Choiku and Russian President Valery Gerasimov had promised that Moscow did not want to invade Ukraine. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov welcomed Liz Truss in Moscow, but the debate ended in a very tense mood: Lavrov likened his discussion with the British Foreign Secretary to a “dumb and deaf conversation” at a post-meeting press conference.

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