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Russian airlines have lost their slots at airports in the UK

The UK has deprived Russian airlines of their valuable rights to land and take off at the airport, and the authorities are redistributing the time slots that have been withdrawn.

Russian airlines are not exempt from the obligation to use UK airport slots, so as they are now unable to fly into the country due to sanctions, they will lose their historically owned slots at affected airports during the upcoming summer schedule period as well.

Airport Coordination Limited (ACL-UK), which coordinates traffic at UK airports, has announced that for the winter 2022/23 schedule starting this fall, the landing slots that the companies involved are entitled to in accordance with international rules for assigning time slots will not be issued. anymore.

In addition, in the summer schedule of 2023 next year, Russian airlines will not be able to get slots even if they lift their ban from the country’s airspace by then.


The latest package of sanctions issued by the UK government also prevents Russian airlines from selling their airport slots at busy British airports, which are worth several million dollars, to other companies.

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According to Grant Shapps, Britain’s Minister of Transport, the new sanctions will prevent the transfer of rights to Aeroflot, Russia and Ural Airlines, which have a total value of more than $ 60 million.

Time slots are returned to the base from which the coordinating organization can allocate them to other airlines.

ch-aviation analysis to me In this year’s summer schedule, Aeroflot airlines took 2046 places, while Ural Airlines took 54 places at London Heathrow.

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