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Russian Ambassador: A rift has broken out in the Kremlin, and some of them will abandon the fight in Ukraine

Anatoly Antonov made the remarks after Russia apparently could not make much progress in Ukraine. The British newspaper reported that the senior diplomat stressed that he was not among those willing to surrender daily Mail. Ambassador Anatoly Antonov said on Russian state television that America had secretly offered negotiating terms to stop the brutal fighting.

Antonov, 67, hinted that some within the Kremlin’s power structures were willing to give up the fight, withdraw the occupying forces, and even “repent.”

He mentioned three: First, the cessation of military action in the context of a “special military operation.” Second, bring their forces back to where they were before February 24th. Third, we “regret for everything we did.”

However, the ambassador gave a firm answer: “There will be no such surrender. Absolutely!” But he added that this is the position of “Russian diplomats working here,” noting that others are less confident about him.

The veteran ambassador did not mention Putin by name, referring to him as “the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.” This explained that the military strategy, which is considered flawed even in some Russian security and military ranks, comes from the highest levels of the Kremlin.

Cover photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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