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Russian content is deleted from social media

The Russian state-owned RT channel is also affected by the decision, and this channel, along with many others, can no longer be accessed in Ukraine at the request of the government – write

Following in the footsteps of Meta, which is behind Facebook, YouTube has also blocked some Russian channels from making money from ads, Reuters reports. The Russian state media company, RT, was also included in the broadcast. He justified the decision in declaring the video-sharing in exceptional circumstances and also added that the content of the affected channels will now be shown less frequently to be shown by the algorithm. YouTube spokesperson Farshad Shadlow said that RT and many Russian channels will not be available in the country at the request of the Ukrainian government.

Earlier, Ukrainian Minister of Digital Development Mikhail Fedorov asked YouTube to create channels that broadcast Russian propaganda such as Russia 24, TASZSZ or RIA Novostyi.

RT has not yet responded to Reuters’ questions, and YouTube has not revealed which Russian channels other than RT will not allow it to make money on its front.

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