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Russian Grand Prix contract terminated


Thursday, March 3, 2022 at 12:27 pm


It was previously confirmed that Formula 1 would not visit Russia this year, but now it has also been revealed that the deal with the race promoter has been finalized.

Due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, in the past week a lot of sports have decided to look for a new venue for their events, and in some cases have decided to cancel. Among the latter is Formula 1, which In the current situation it has become impossible to conduct the Russian Grand Prix.

Although the sport decided earlier, International Automobile Association ResolutionThat the FIA ​​races in Russia and Belarus could not be put to an end. Despite the gravity of the situation, the race’s promoter, UNO ROSGONSKI, recently announced that preparations had already been put on hold due to force majeure, but he hopes the World Cup will return to the country soon.

However, F1 confirmed on Thursday that her contract with the promoter will be terminated, so no further competition will take place in Russia.

“Formula 1 can confirm that it has terminated its contract with the promoter of the Russian Grand Prix, which means that there will be no racing in Russia in the future,” the official said in a statement.

According to the original plans, the field was last visited in Sochi in 2022, and from next year, St. Petersburg and the renovated Igora Drive were to be located.

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