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Russians to rescue sunken Moscow and Ukraine sees cruiser as its own car

According to the rules of UNESCO, objects that have sunk to the sea floor as a result of human activity within the borders of Ukrainian territorial waters are considered Ukrainian property. With this introduction, the Ukrainian press wrote that the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the Moscow cruiser, was officially included in the list of “Ukrainian underwater cultural heritage”.

The news was also confirmed by the Facebook of the Ukrainian army, writes 444.

Moscow is the largest ship sunk in the Black Sea. It is 186 meters long, roughly the size of two football fields. According to British intelligence, the ship sank about 80 nautical miles (150 km) from Odessa at a depth of 45-50 meters at sea.

According to Ukrainian newspaper reports, rescue and diving ships of the Russian fleet are strikingly active at the alleged site of the Moscow sinking. The Ukrainian side knows that the Russians can dig deep into corpses, coded documents, and valuable weapons systems, such as Vulkan anti-ship missiles.

According to the quoted article, they could also be equipped with nuclear warheads, although they added that the US intelligence service does not believe that it is likely that Moscow has done so.

Opening image: Wikimedia

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