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Russia’s dependence on energy must be replaced by green energy

17/5/2017 17:20

The European Commission wants to propose on Wednesday how the bloc will end its dependence on Russian energy imports – but this could conflict with the EU’s climate goals.

Commission solution to Russia a Repower A package of measures covering everything from increasing renewables to investing in alternative ways to supply gas and hydrogen to increasing energy savings. However, green groups and clean energy advocates fear that the commission will try to replace Russian oil and gas with imports from other countries, and It is investing billions in new pipelines and import terminals rather than seizing the opportunity to quickly transition to greener energy sources.

If we have long-term gas contracts with alternative suppliers, we will replace one gas dependence with another. “

– Tell Sarah Brownaz Human Senior Analyst, Nonprofit Environmental Brain Fund.

Alok SharmaUK Minister who in November COP26 He led Climate Talks, in his address on Monday addressing this concern, clean energy “security problem” Called and warned about it “Investing in fossil fuels only carries the risk of asset stagnation.”

The Commission understands that it is moving along a fine line: it is trying to get rid of Russian energy without spoiling the EU economy, while ensuring that the bloc’s long-term climate goals are not compromised.

“It is necessary that we continue our work to become independent of Russia’s fossil fuels” – Tell my destiny simpson Energy Commissioner after his last meeting with energy ministers. . added ‘Neither sustainable nor affordable’To replace 155 billion cubic meters of Russian gas with gas from other suppliers. However, despite the warning, member states are working hard to find new sources of supply from Norway to Algeria and beyond, he wrote. Politico.

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